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vegan goodies

I must show off my vegan goodies that I bought! 

The main reason I bought vegan goods are dairy free cheese. 

I had a real bad experience with non- dairy cheese …so I was really surprised 

when I had vegan pizza in New town.  I could not believe how nice it was. 

 I wanted to find out where I can find that cheese because I and my boy friend are  avoiding cow milk even though we are not vegan. 

Then I finally found out where I can get it! 

I bought from ” The cruelly free shop" . It is an online shop. 

Jessica from the shop told me that basil pizza uses cheezly super-melt mozzarella. Well, I better buy that one! 

My boy friend is against ” process food” so I have to be super careful about what the ingredients are then, I found out that  Cheezly is  free from hydrogenated fats ( trans fat ) , gluten, artificial colours/preservatives, cholesterol and GMOs. WONDERFUL! 

you can read more about cheezly from here 

I bought three kinds of cheezly :) 

Mozzarella, edam..and BLUE CHEESE!  They all melt! I didn’t buy white cheddar because it doesn’t melt. 

BY THE WAY, cheezly is on sale now! The cruelty shop is celebrating 10th birthday! 

Cheezly is normally $7.25  but now $5.95!!!!!! 

Also egg free mayo.  It is Jessica’s favourite, and yes, I already tasted it, it is great! 

egg replacer..I wanna make biscuits or cake with it how it goes. 

sheese…it is a cheese spread. 

I can’t wait to cook with them!!!!