Food Food Food

Craving for rice, rice, rice!!!!!!!!

If I have to pick my most favourite food…well, it is more than that, the food I can’t live without it even a month, is RICE

I think I love rice or Japanese food much more than Japanese who live in Japan. My family or friends don’t understand why the hell I live overseas. I used to upset if my mum gave me bread for breakfast. I just want to eat rice rice rice……every meal! 

Well, I am an adult now so I can control myself a little bit but if I skip rice for a day or two, I just can’t function.

After staying not so fabulous food and coffee choice area in big island, I just wanted to eat rice in waikiki beach. 

I was so lazy to go and have a look so my lovely boy friend looked for rice for me while I was lying on the beach. 

He found ” rice bowl ” omusubi / onigiri  with plum pickles ( ume boshi ) !!!!

I was so surprised how expensive it was. In Japan, we can buy rice ball in convenient store or supermarket and prices are normally from $1 to $1.5. 

But when I had a look at the ingredients, I start liking it. 

Tamanishiki…I didn’t know the name but sounds Japanese rice, also Hawaiian sea salt. Sounds great….

Taste? OMG, really nice. Actually he bought just plain rice as well, and that was even better. I bet it was just cooked. Freshly cooked rice is the most precious food for me. I felt like eating good quality of rice in Japan. 

this is Tamanishiki. They are grown in California. It is the mix of the one of the best rice that is Koshihikari and Yume Gokochi.

more info

California rice is quite good. I eat them in Sydney. Australian sun rice medium grain is not too bad but California rice  and Korean rice is my favourite. They are bit more expensive than Australian rice but taste great. 

Even though I ate more rice balls from different shops which was much bigger and cheaper ( It is so easy to find Japanese food in Hawaii since over 4000 Japanese arrive there  everyday! ) but I could not forget about the taste of tamanishiki rice…..

My loving rice ball was sold in Sheraton so We just had to try buffet in Sheraton hotel! 

I was right, so many Japanese choice x

natto, tofu, various pickles,

of course with rice, miso soup and vegetarian omelette. 

I had yakisoba which is Japanese fried noodle, that was unacceptable…so please don’t try.

Not only Japanese but also Korean food selection was great here.

Sheraton’s signature drink - Guava, passion fruit and orange juice. I had the same juice mix at other places but it was the best here. 

I had a mission to enjoy guava since my head was Hawaii = guava . I could enjoy here I think„,not real though.

Guava cake-very very sweet

Guava, taro and passion fruit bread. -nnn…artificial! and sweet but pretty 

* I don’t have sweet tooth so I think it is great for most people…maybe 

Even butter…by the way, name of dishes were written in English and Japanese. I was so surprise to hear Japanese announce in airport or in hotel. I think Japanese is the second language in Hawaii. 

I must say, rice wasn’t as good as sheraton take away shop. I think I was lucky to have freshly cooked rice…but I was soooo happy to eat lots of Japanese. I think I had three bowls of miso soup. 

Even though it was nearly $40 pp, compare to our favourite buffet place, it is much more expensive but my Japanese tummy was very happy :))))))) with series of guava sweets.