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Vanuatu national food- lap lap

Vanuatu’s national dish is a root vegetable cake called ‘laplap’. It is made from manioc (cassava) grated or shaved into a banana leaf with wild local cabbage that I was talking about before and coconut, wrapped into a flat parcel and cooked underground. 

Vanuatu staple root veggie ” manioc” 

plantain - cooking banana 

I found ” lap lap” in the market 

Manioc lap lap with chicken - 200 vatu 

I bought it but gave the chicken back. 

banana  lap lap -50 vatu

No plastic bag to take away, banana leaf ! 

Banana and manioc lap lap 

*Cooking banana -plantain 

It is first time for me to try plantain. 

Texture is like potato. Taste? a little bit sour and sweet at the same time. I can taste a little bit banana like taste but taste more like sweet and sour potato. 

* Manioc 

Manioc is grated so it is like potato cake. I can smell and taste bit of smoky flavour from local cabbage and lap lap leaf. I must say, I need a little more salt but it is yummy. 

back side of manioc cake is quite crispy and little bit oily 

It is always exiting to have national dish !!!!!! 

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