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salt water purge

I must say this is not my favourite thing to do. It is disgusting…but after drink the salt water and stay in the toilet, I can actually see and feel I am cleansing. 

I do salt water purge when I am on detox. During detox, I eat less, and clean food. 

No caffeine, alcohol, dairy, gluten, process food, white sugar or rice. No red meat if you are non vegetarian. 

I love talking about this purge and many asked what it is. I am glad that I can finally answer this 

Purging with salt-water is a known Ayurveda intestinal tract cleansing system and also a completely natural body detox 

There are many laxatives, mixes, enemas, and other colon cleansing products on the market, but they are simply chemicals or medicines. A salt water cleanse is a  natural and healthier alternative and cheap!

Benefits of Salt water purge

  •    It cleanses entire digestive system
  •    Natural
  •    Cheap
  •    Easy


Salt water purge is not only colon cleansing, but  also cleanses your stomach and small intestine. In other words it flushes out your entire digestive system. It removes all of the toxins, accumulated fecal matter, regular feces, parasites, and bacteria from your whole digestive tract.


all you need is …





1 Liter (32 oz.) of warm water

 2 leveled teaspoons of unrefined sea salt. (use knife to level)


Shake or stir well, then drink the entire container of salt water within 15mins!


It is important not to use iodized table salt!!!! 

I use celtic salt


This salt is slightly gray, you can clearly tell it is not unrefined!



Drink first in the morning

Drink within 15min

At least skip one meal (it is the best you have light meal or just juice night before then do it first in the morning)

Do not do more than 7 days in a row

Do it at home (not to go out at least 1 hour )

Eat less !  

Try on your day off then you know what to expect…

-What to expect-

*stay in a bathroom very long 

*go to bathroom very often

( It’s like do no.2 like no.1, you will know what I

mean… )



Recommend to have food that contains good bacteria during or after purge

Because we flush not only bad bacteria and also good one.

  •    yogurt

( it is dairy so please don’t have it at all during detox. Also some yogurt don’t contain good bacteria so need to check the lable! )

  •    Kimchi – Korean pickles
  •    sauerkraut
  •    tempe
  •    Natto! ( Japanese fermented soybeans, stink and slimy! )

or simply take probiotics

This link is helpful. You can watch the video, a guy drinking salt water…also some tips. Check it out.


also these links are helpful


Good luck!