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Pizza that I fell in love with….very deeply♡

I quite often feel like eating Asian but had a strong urge to have pizza this night. So we tried the pizza place that has lots of vegetarian and even vegan options.

Basil gourmet pizza and pasta in Newtown

we ordered starter to start with.

Nachos $11.9

Beef or bean nachos served with guacamole and sour cream upon request, or cheezly ( no dairy cheese ) for the vegan version. We got cheezly since my boyfiriend does not take dairy and myself wants to cut down dairy as well.
cheezly was ….ok. I had an awfull soy cheese before so it was a relief.

One thing I did not like is that the guacamole was actually mixed with sour cream and very small! It made me miss the nachos at Baja cantina-Mexican restaurant.


and we ordered two pizzas.

I was very exited to see the choice of dough!

" organic biodynamic stone ground whole meal dough"

GREAT!!! I try to avoid refined flour as much as I can so we choose this fabulous whole meal dough for extra $2.4. 

If you are gluten intolerance, you can choose gluten free for extra $4. 

We could have ordered one family pizza and do ” half and half” but we both were starving so….ordered two large pizzas…one is vegan and another is vegetarian.

there are 12 choices of vegetarian pizza! I always love many choices :)

You can choose from R=regular, L=large, F=family size. 

Vegan lovers   L$19.80

( R:$14.6 F:$24.9)

tomato base, grilled eggplant, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, tofu, cheezly

Roasted pumpkin L $16.60

( R:$11.6 F:$21.8)

with baby spinach, extra virgin olive oil, roasted red capsicum, pine nuts and garlic. Mozzarella and feta or vegan cheezly are optional. 

Before I ate,  I went to bath room and saw the lots of tins of pizza sauce so I was bit disappointed. No home made sauce!!! 

But both pizzas are very nice! very thin crispy dough and great taste.

Vegan lovers is just great. even it is vegan and use fake cheese, they are just great.

Roast pumpkin is very unique but the combination of garlic, pine nuts and pumpkin was just gorgeous! very very nice!!!

Even though we loved Roasted pumpkin pizza but we both prefer vegan lover. I guess we just so used to have tomato base basic pizza :)

We’ll definitely go back again! This place run vegan breakfast in the morning so I will try very soon!